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The league will provide each team with a uniform consisting of a team shirt.  Additionally, the league may provide visors, shorts and socks.  The league will also provide each team with batting helmets, bats, nets, softballs and catcher's protective gear.  Official T-Ball bats will be provided for T-Ball teams.

A player is required to provide softball glove and optionally, cleats, softball bat, batting gloves, batting helmet with face guard, and a game face style guard.  If a player wears glasses, the glasses must have non-breakable lenses and a strap to keep them on the wearer's head.

During practice and games, players shall not wear jewelry of any type, this includes but is not limited to rings, watches, bracelets, earrings, metal barrettes, etc.  Medical Alert jewelry will be permitted.  The league encourages the delay of newly pierced earrings until after the season.  Player safety is our utmost concern.

Softball Sizes:  If you want to purchase a softball to practice at home, there are different sizes.  For T-Ball, AA and AAA an 11-inch ball is used.  For Majors and above, a 12-inch ball is used.  

Gloves:  Here is helpful guide.

Helmets:  The league encourages players to supply their own helmet for sanitary reasons.  All batters/runners must wear a protective helmet with a chin strap that meets NOCSAE specifications and standards consistent with Little League International Rule 1.16.  In addition, a face cage must be firmly affixed to each batting helmet.  The face cage must meet NOCSAE specifications.  Lastly, do not affix stickers to the helmet or write the players name on the outside of the helmet.  Names should be written on the inside of the helmet on the protective padding.

Bats:  If you choose to provide your own bat, please ensure the following:

  • T-ball Division:  Only T-ball bats may be used in this division.
  • All other divisions:  The bat must be a Fastpitch Softball bat.  It may be Little League approved or USSSA approved with a 1.20 bpf.

Here is a bat sizing chart that may be helpful.